Thursday, September 29, 2016


We wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who came out for yesterday’s Kicking Cancer For Lucas Fundraiser. It was an extreme success, and although we don’t have a total yet for the amount raised, we are very proud of everyone. Thank you to our sponsors who donated their time, business, and money as well as our volunteers who spent their entire day with us, helping us set up, making the event great, and cleaning up after. A special shout out to Instructor Team member and black belt Calvin Hamilton for showing us exactly what black belt determination and courage looks like for continuing to kick after everyone else left. Not only did he continue to kick, surpassing his goal, but he refused to stop until he ran out of time, reaching 10,000 kicks for his cause. Congrats Mr. Hamilton! We are so very proud of you!
Don’t forget to bring in your donations and donation sheets if you haven’t already done so. All money raised is due by September 30th so we can present the funds to Lucas’s family.
A few t-shirts from the event are still available—although sizes are limited. These shirts have been discounted to $3.00 for quick sale.
Don’t forget to get signed up for the Halloween Party food inventory. We’re trying to make sure that we have adequate space for everything as we begin planning the best Halloween party ever! You don’t have to know (or tell us) exactly what you’re bringing—just if you’re bringing something. Remember, there’s a prize for the best dish—most creative and best tasting!
Testing is coming up. Make sure you’re getting all of your classes in, signing in, turning in your community service, and finishing your fitness challenge! Private lessons are filling up quickly so please see the front desk to register for yours today!
Class and Testing times are as follows:
THURSDAY (October 6th):
- Regularly Scheduled Classes
- Early Testing in Back Room (6:30pm)-- $10 additional charge
- All Juniors Test-Prep Class (4:00pm)
- Tiger-Cub Testing (5:30pm)
- Teen and Adult Testing (6:45pm)
- Yoga Class (8:30am)
- Junior WHIITE AND YELLOW Belt Testing (10:00am)
- Junior green and above (11:45am)
- Academy closed for processing
- Secondary Testing (4:30pm)-- $10 additional charge
- Tiger-Cub Award Ceremony (5:30pm)
- Junior, Teen, and Adult (all ranks) Awards Ceremony (6:30pm)

FRIDAY (October 7th): 
SATURDAY (October 8th):
MONDAY (October 10th):
Tuesday (October 11th):
Don't forget to arrive at least 15 minutes early to prepare yourself physically and mentally! You've worked hard for this and now it's time to show what you've got. Full uniform is required; that means BELT, JACKET TOP, BLACK TIGER-ROCK PANTS, and RED TIGER-ROCK T-SHIRT!
 Late registration fee begins October 3rd. This $10 late fee will be added to the testing charge.
Early testing is at 6:30pm on Thursday October 6th. There is a $10 additional fee for this testing and you must let us know by Wednesday October 5th if you need to participate in this early testing option. Secondary testing is at 4:30 pm on October 11th. There is an additional $10 fee for secondary testing and you must let us know by Thursday, October 6th if you need to participate in this secondary testing option.
Keep up all of the hard work!
We’ll see you on the mat!

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